A place created in my imagination to archive a collection of memories, of experiences, of a life that has defined me. A life that may seem ordinary and unremarkable to others, but is rich with symbolism and meaning to me. This is a place to hold images of other places, whether they are real or imagined, as a mental and visual escape to somewhere different, unknown, lived, shared, or even imaginary. These images may be in the form of photographs, illustrations, or even creations of the mind that evoke the feeling of being in a place far from the present reality. These are fragments, bits and pieces of a life that I find hard to let go of, and maybe I don't have to. They are not just a mere collection of moments that keep me connected to the past, but postcards that remind me of my essence and the places and people that have shaped it. These are the memories that have made me who I am today,  “images from elsewhere” for which I am infinitely grateful.

Welcome to the attik.

︎ (I)                                                                                   ︎ (II)                                                                      ︎ (III)